Speech And Language Technologies (SALT) Frontiers Lecture Series

The Department (Electronic Engineering Department, Tsinghua University) are launching an initiative to organize Speech And Language Technologies (SALT) Frontiers Lecture Series. Speech and language technologies cover highly important and active areas of research, and the Department has a long and accomplished history of conducting related research. The aim of this initiative is to promote sustainable academic communications and interactions in the new situation of covid-19. It will invite world-wide distinguished researchers, from both academia and industries, to present their cutting-edge vision, ideas and research outcomes.
All lectures are open and free to the public. With the permissions from the speakers, the lectures will be recorded and distributed over the Department website and related media.
This website provides the information hub regarding this lecture series. We welcome your participation in the THUEE-SALT Frontier Lecture Series.


Time & Room Speaker Title, Abstract, Bio, Video Host
2022/03/25 (Fri.)
10:00-11:00AM (UTC+8)
Zoom ID: 934 1318 5672
Paris Smaragdis
(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
What's Next in Learning for Audio – Going past chasing metrics
youtube | bilibili
Zhijian Ou
2023/05/31 (Wed.)
10:00-11:00AM (UTC+8)
TecentMeeting ID: 337-287-336
Yang Zhang
(MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab)
Learning to Disentangle Speech Information
slides | youtube | bilibili
Zhijian Ou