Title (discipline) Tenured Professor (Ph.D. Supervisor) of Image Engineering (Image Processing, Image Analysis, Image Understanding as well as their Technical Applications)
  Position Director of Institute of Information Cognition and Intelligent System




Vice President of China Society of Image and Graphics (2002 ~ 2011, 2016 ~)

SPIE Fellow (2011 ~ , "for achievements in image engineering")  Profile

IEEE Senior Member (1999 ~ )

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Journal of Image and Graphics" (1998 ~ )

Associate Editor of "Journal of Electronics and Information" (2001 ~ )

Associate Editor of "Journal of CAD and Computer Graphics" (2001 ~ )

Associate Editor of "Signal Processing" (2007 ~ )

Associate Editor of "Journal of Electronics" (2014 ~ )

Member of International Review Panel of Swiss National Science Foundation for large-scale research projects (2006 ~ 2013)

Deputy Director of Academic Committee of Key Laboratory of ˇ°Image Processing and Image Telecommunicationsˇ± of Nanjing Post and Telecommunication Institute (2001 ~ )

  Contact Address: Department of Electronic Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China
Office: Rohm Building, 6-305
Tel: 86-10-62798540
Fax: 86-10-62770317

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