Former Students

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Ning Zhang (2018 – 2020)

  • Keke Hu (2020 – 2023)

Ph.D. Students

  • Qier An (2023)
    Thesis: Theory and Methods for Cooperative Visual Sensing Based on Information Metric

  • Yuxiao Li (2023)
    Thesis: Deep Variational Models for Wireless Signal Inference and Generation

  • Xiaoxiang Li (2023)
    Thesis: Cooperative Relative Localization and Formation Control for Multi-Agent Networks

  • Feihong Yang (2022)
    Thesis: Theory and Methods for Non-Cooperative Multi-Agent Scheduling with Dynamic Constraints

  • Tianyu Wang (2022)
    Thesis: Single-anchor localization and environment sensing algorithms in indoor harsh environments

  • Feng Ge (2022)
    Thesis: Research and implementation of UWB array localization algorithms for harsh indoor environments

  • Hanying Zhao (2021)
    Thesis: Theory and methods for high-accuracy network localization using large-scale antenna arrays

  • Kai Gu (2021)
    Thesis: Theory and methods for cooperative target detection in mobile multi-agent networks

  • Yuanpeng Liu (2021)
    Thesis: Theory and algorithm for relative localization in cooperative networks

  • Yunlong Wang (2020, w/ Ying Wu)
    Thesis: Network cooperative localization in harsh environments

  • Yan Liu (2019)
    Thesis: Cooperative localization and synchronization for wireless networks

Master Students

  • Tianfang Zhao (2023)
    Thesis: Research on Recognition Algorithm for Membrane Proteins in CryoEM

  • Zhihang Li (2023)
    Thesis: A Transfer Learning Method for UWB Ranging Error Mitigation

  • Junchen Liu (2023)
    Thesis: Design and Implementation of Indoor Localization System Based on Environment Sensing

  • Xinyu Zhang (2022)
    Thesis: Design and implementation of Cryo-EM Particle picking system based on incremental learning

  • Yubin Gong (2022)
    Thesis: Research on Wi-Fi indoor localization based on MIMO-OFDM system

  • Wenxuan Li (2022)
    Thesis: Design and implementation of indoor localization system based on 5G sounding reference signals

  • Xinyou Qiu (2022)
    Thesis: A formation control and autonomous avoidance scheme based on deep reinforcement learning

  • Bowen Wang (2021)
    Thesis: BLE localization with high accuracy based on polarization sensitive array

  • Haipeng Lu (2021)
    Thesis: Robust UWB array localization algorithm through passive anchor assistance

  • Yanru Huang (2021)
    Thesis: Design and implementation of indoor localization algorithm based on radio frequency environment learning

  • Kangbo Lin (2020)
    Thesis: UWB NLOS error mitigation via semi-supervised learning

  • He Zhao (2020, w/ Lin Zhang)
    Thesis: Local filtering for Cryo-EM 3D reconstruction via wavelet packet transform

  • Yang Cai (2018, USC)
    Thesis: Integrated localization and control for multi-agent formation

Former Visitors

  • Ziyi Wang, MIT (2020 – 2022)

  • Chenghao Guo, MIT (2020 – 2021)

  • Zeyu Jia, MIT (2020 – 2021)

  • Zhenyu Liu, MIT (2019 – 2020)

Undergraduate Students

  • Chaoyi Pan (EE’23, CMU)

  • Yilei Man (EE’21, CAS)

  • Hansen Wang (EE’21, Tsinghua)

  • Ke Hong (EE’21, Tsinghua)

  • Fengzhuo Zhang (EE’20, NUS)

  • Wenyu Peng (EE’19, UCSD)

  • Tiancheng Yu (EE’18, MIT)

  • Chenzhi Mao (EE’18, Columbia)

  • Hao Wang (EE’17, TBD)

  • Ji Wu (EE’17, Cornell)

  • Jianyu Wang (EE’17, CMU)

  • Zihang Cheng (EE’16, USC)

  • Fengyu Zhou (EE’16, Caltech)

  • Siyi Yang (EE’16, UCLA)

  • Bo Hu (EE’15, Yale)

  • Boshuang Huang (EE’15, Cornell)

  • Kaiqing Zhang (Automation’15, UIUC)

  • Hong Hu (Automation’15, Harvard)

  • Yanjun Han (EE’15, Stanford)

  • Yuan Deng (CS’15, Duke)